In the Year 242—uh, 2024

December 6, 2023

by Rich

2023 has been a huge year for us. Delivering on our Kickstarter campaign for Velvet Generation was our big goal. We’ve shipped Kickstarter rewards in print and PDF to 85% of our backers*. We had a full convention season with the Indie Game Developer Network. We published the intro/demo scenario Rockin’ the Suburbs in PDF.

In 2024, we’re keeping this tour on the road. There’s more Velvet Generation support in the works, plus a few new projects. Here’s a preview.

Velvet Generation on Roll20

One project that’s already been in the works for a bit is some added help for groups playing Velvet Generation online. The way a lot of virtual tabletop platforms handle dice rolling makes the custom rules a little harder to implement for remote players, so this is both a fix for that as well as some extra aesthetic bells & whistles.

We’ve already got a set of character sheets available on Roll20. These can keep track of player characters, the band, their revolutionary progress and any NPCs that the GM wants to throw into the story. Coming soon, we’ll have a full module available, complete with the entire rulebook and starter scenario Rockin’ the Suburbs as an integrated compendium, and a tabletop that can be customized to reflect your band. We also have a small set of API mods available to Roll20 Pro subscribers that make the game experience smoother and more cinematic.

The module is coming soon to the Roll20 marketplace (if you already got a PDF or print book from us, you’ll be able to pick the module up at a deep discount). The API mods are already available to Roll20 Pro subscribers at no additional cost (a Pro subscription isn’t required to use the module, but it’s required by Roll20 to have API access).

Watch the blog for a release announcement — when the module drops, we’ll have a post and video introduction for you.

This is Not a Place of Honor

It’s been two years since the Event. A brief flare appeared in the sky over the city’s industrial outskirts. Most people in the city were never seen again. The government quickly erected a perimeter and declared the entire region inside exclusion zone. Handfuls of trespassers cross the perimeter to explore the Zone. Some search for fortune, others for answers. Few ever make it out, but maybe you’ll be the lucky ones.

This is Not a Place of Honor is a storytelling card game for two to six players. Lay down cards to tell the story of your trespassers’ journey to the central mystery of the Zone. Each card suit you play represents an aspect of the trip. Spades are Milestone locations toward your destination. Hearts are the Echoes of people lost to the Event. Diamonds are Objects imbued with mystical powers. Clubs are potentially deadly Hazards your team must face on the way.

Even if you survive, you won’t be the same person coming out as you were going in.


Rekka is a miniatures game about weird and wondrous walking weapons, and the enthusiastic rats who build and battle with them. More information regarding Rekka’s development (and how you can participate) will be coming soon!

* And if you’re a backer who hasn’t gotten their rewards yet, make sure to complete your survey on BackerKit.

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